November 25, 2011

Stop Deny It!

I can't stop thinking about it or stop remembering about it. Everyone live their lives with soo happily knowing they have someone to depends of. Someone to cry with and someone to laugh with. I won't be this such a miserable if I never feels that feeling. Blaming to myself just make me feels like to run away and leave everything behind. Blaming to that people won't settle anything.
I once crying so hard when knowing that I'll probably losing him forever and pray to Allah if this is the best thing to happened then I can't do anything. Tawakkal and redha. Two years after that it happened again after he promised it won't happened again.

How easy people change. 

Congratulation. You are the only one that light my day everyday and after that covered the light in just one day.

Have a diary that full with his name. Don't know what to do with it.

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