August 8, 2012


I'm free today.

No classes. Done with assignment. I got wifi coverage.
What else for me to do if it is not online from day to night other than sleep and sleep and sleep. It's true that sleeping on Ramadhan for fasting people is one of the ibadat but it can't be use for a people that fasting, sleeping all the day and only wake up when the time of iftar is nearly come.

I've been keeping this thing for a really long time. Wait. It is not a serious thing okayy. It is about a thing that become my favorite since last two years.


I learnt to love this thing from one of my friend which is the first person that I saw wearing it.
Right after the biggest exam for my level on that time which is SPM, we go straight away to the optical store and buy a clear contact lens.

It is the first step that I take to replace my glasses with lens.

The third time I changed my lens, I decided to buy a lens with color. Every semester I will changed my lens. It is not because I want to but because it only can be wearing for 6 months and sometimes it is less than that period.

Second semester.
Purple Lens.

Third semester.
Blytheye Pink Lens.

Forth Semester.
Natural 3 Tones Grey Lens.

Current Semester, Fifth Semester.
Brown Lens.

Though I have to buy and change it but I enjoyed it because I love all the colours and I love they grey most. :)
Since I became more and more crazy with lens sampaikan some people called me 'Mata Warna Warni', I did buy myself a Raya Contact Lens. yeayy! ;DD I can't wait to wearing it.

By the way, the brown lens is a treat from one of my friend. Thank you for the lens.


Ariff Mokhtar said...

ohhhh warna-wanri eh mata ? :P masa you jumpa i tu colour apa ? grey ? haha

Aqilah Lala said...

wanri? apa tu? ;P

a'ah. I pakai warna grey lah you. camana boleh tak perasan ni. -.-

Ariff Mokhtar said...

Haha , typo lah :P alaaa i mana boleh pandang mata you lama-lama .. tu yg tak perasan :P

Aqilah Lala said...

Macam adik i je pungg. I pandang lama sikit dia dah tak senang duduk. XP

Ariff Mokhtar said...

Hahaha adik you pun takboleh ? kenapa pulak lah ? haha :D

Aqilah Lala said...

of course lain sebab dengan u kan. adik i takut tengok mata i. hahaha ;DD

Ariff Mokhtar said...

eh macam tahu tahu je sebab dia ? :P btl jugak , tkkn i nak takut pulak tgk mata you kan hahah :D

Aqilah Lala said...

buat buat tahu je even tak tahu. XP
kalau u takut tgk mata i, tak gagah perkasa lah ropenyee -.-

Ariff Mokhtar said...

Hahaha , bukan takut , tapi segan nak pandang lama-lama haha :D

Aqilah Lala said...

cewahh, segan ke? ;D

Ariff Mokhtar said...

haha boleh tahan lah >.<