March 29, 2012

I miss..

I miss to smile everyday.
I miss to try to be better.
I miss to type a better entry.
I miss to sing a happy song.
I miss to act like a kid.
I miss the old me.

I miss to have a call until 3-4 hours.
I miss to talk like the conversation have no ended.
I miss to heard everything nice about me even it is not true.
I miss to be watched.
I miss to complain my bad day.
I miss to have a sweet text.
I miss...


ainblogger said...

hye dear lame xupdate dah kan?? heheh bz erk?? btw good luck kayh dlm exam... chay0k2.. <3

Aqilah Lala said...

a'ah. busy sebab exam ni.
thanks for the wish!