March 18, 2012

BFF. Life is teaching us.

I used to have someone to be there when I need. but then like you can see on my oldest entries. full with emotional things and stuff.

I hope you don't mind if I become emotional like always and write anything that I feel one because I just finished watched two movies.

'13 Going 30'


'16 Wishes'

both of the story have the happy ending but the weird thing is I'm the one who being emotional.  -,-

the story. it is completely about the BFF thingy. The sadest thing that I want to share with is I don't feel like I have one. BFF. I don't have it. We all know that BFF is all about

someone that love us
someone that we can depend with
someone that always be right there when we need them
someone that will go through all the thick and thin with us
someone that won't leaving us
someone that will wake we up if we do the wrong thing
and the list is too long and full with a good things

my mum said maybe it was my mistake and I agree with her. I didn't take care of our relationship. that is why it ended like this.

I lost my way, have no one to share with, I get angry with myself, can't forget any one of the memories and it keep come to me, got such a long thinking, and many else. sometime I feel like, am I going to be mad?

on my last birthday I feels disappointed. I thought it is because of the four test that makes me feel like that. I feel tired, I didn't go to my room after the last test on that night. I stood on the stairs and sat. I feel sad. I called my friends. I thought maybe they can cheer me up. Hanum got me. we have some gossip here and there but the smile didn't stay longer.

but actually I know the reason but I keep deny it because, it really disappoint me.

  • You know about the karma
  • You also know about the sentences, 'We won't realise until we lost it'.
  • You know that people can change.
  • You know about, 'You have to pay the price if you brake it.'

You know people that really love us won't let any one of the list 'You know..' to be happen to you.

Life is teaching us and Allah will always be with us.
I am in process to get over it.

Assalamualaikum. :)


Ariff Mokhtar said...

You always have me as your friend :) don't you worry okay . :)

walaupun i ni bkn la kawan yang baik sangat . hihi

Aqilah Lala said...

that shoooo sweet of you Ariff Mokhtar. :')
I really appreciated it.
Trime acehh.