March 11, 2012

Dear, Taylor Swift. Did you read my diary?

Tengok.... baru sehari hide tak tertahan hati ni meronta nak jenguk blogg and write something on it.

I've changed my mp3 song. Macam tak sesuai lagu ala ala emo tapi background blog full with colours. Ada melah, bilu, kuning, olen, ijau. harharharrr...  :D  pelat. 

Lagu ni dah lama tapi baru terjumpa masa usha youtube lepas tengok video Mathluthfi. 

She's looks lovely.  :)

Entah dah berapa kali replay lagu ni sebab lagu ni beshhh! XD 
It's a song by Taylor Swift. 
It feels like she's the one who read my diary because I always found that I have  the same situation like all the song that she have wrote and sing dari duluuu lagi sampai sekarang.

"You and I walk a fragile line
I have known it all this time
But I never thought I'd live to see it break"
- Haunted by Taylor Swift

"I know people change and these things happen
But I remember how it was back then"
- If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift

"These days I haven't been sleeping
Staying up playing back myself leavin'
When your birthday passed and I didn't call."
-Back To December by Taylor Swift

But everyone know that all the song that she wrote is about herself.   :)

"Some of the things I wrote about are things everyone saw me go through. Some of the things I wrote about are things nobody ever knew about." -Taylor Swift

enough about her song.
I cried after I read my dear friend blog, Aqilah Akmal.  :')

Terima kasih kerana menyinggah dan salam.

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