July 20, 2011

Kena tengok. [Movie]

if I was you.. I'll watch this movie!

A girl who was trap by a guy that she really loves. Semua tagline dalam movie ni terbaekk dan sangat sangat sweet walaupun tagline dia simple and bukanlah quotes yang mahal mahal dari penulis novel or penulis quote yang terkenal.. I'm wondering if there was really exist couple yang macam ni. Sweet sangadd. Some of the tagline are sound like this,

Guy: Do you believe with  love at a first sight?
Girl: Nope.
The guy leave with sad face and come back to this girl.
Guy: How about second sight?  :)
Both of them smiling.  :)

Guy: Are you a movie?
Girl: Nope. Why?  (curious)
Guy: Because I'm never bored watching you. :)

and also this Thailand movie.. Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

A junior girl with weird ugly faces falling in love with this kind handsome smart senior boy for 3 years at her school. She finally have the confident to make a confession because she already do everything she can to attract this boy like follow the instruction of a book, "How to got love from your senior" if i'm not mistake, trying to be beautiful, got the first place in academic, become a brass band leader and many thing. But then some unexpected thing happen.. I think korang patut tengok kalau nak tahu kisah selanjutnya. hehe..

There was a scene like other people would wait when the heroine is ugly. Make-Over! While everyone gaps for her beauty, this boy looks on nonchalantly, mumbling that she looks the same. huh? seriously korang takkan sangka yang.. okey. tu je. saje nak bagi tertanya-tanya.

emm..I cry while watching this movie. hehe.. >.<

lagi satu. dua dua cerita lamaa. bukan cerita baru pun. Other movie I already watch is 321 Cinta, Kung Fu Panda 2, Karak, Penanggal dari astro, Kekasihku Is Setan also from astro. Almaklumlah. kat kolej tak ada tv kann. sedih bukan?  haha.. :)


Anonymous said...

thailand's movie woo..sawadicap :DDD

Aqilah Lala said...

seriously bestt. haha!
kap pun kapp. :DD