July 21, 2011

How to get rid of a guy?

Ini post sebenarnya sangat tak baikk. betul. tak elok korang buat. tapi cara ni memang berkesan sebenarnya. yakin sangatt! sebab...adalah sebabnya. confirm jadi punyee.

I hope you wont practice this step ke atas jejaka yang tidak patut. biarlah buat atas sebab lelaki tu gatal ke. menganggu dan tak memahami korang. dan make sure you already think about it before you do it. sebab yang dipertaruhkan di sini relationship korang. tak kisah lah apa jenis relationship en.

okey. ready? boleh amek pen dan kertas sekarang.

How to lose a guy?

1. Never say "I love you", "please", or "thank you". Don't discuss your future and constantly talk about other hot guys. Talk about your ex-boyfriend if you had one. That will really piss him off and hit him in the heart.

2.Try avoiding his phone calls, e-mails, and instant messages.

3.When you do talk to him, be extremely boring so that he won't want to call.

4.Say you are busy, act busy like you have a lot of things to do, lots of errands to run, working late or different extra hours, come home extra late, or or running late or whatever.

5.Try to pick every little detail and fight with him over it, insult him, tell him he is dirty and things he says hurts your feelings, if you got a geeky guy, he is a leach and hard to get rid of, he will take your insults as compliments and think you are turning him on.
Geeky guys are the hardest to get rid of, the popular boys and the sporty ones are really easy to get rid of.

6.Pull excuses about work or a friend or running an extra errand than you forgot to do and that you have extra dishes and chores and more cooking to do, and if he asks to help you or clean for you or run your errands for you, he knows exactly what you are doing and he knows that you are trying to play him off.

7.Embarrass him in public. Make a burp or a fart joke about him or ask him tons of annoying personal questions.

8.Have more fun with your friends than you do with him, and make sure he knows it.

9.Avoid physical affection. If he thinks he's not going to get anywhere with you, he may want to move on.

10.Congratulations..you are now SINGLE...

Good luck.  :)

Benda ni kadang kadang berlaku secara natural bila seseorang tu mulai sedari dia tak mahu kan lagi hubungan itu. maybe sebab,
 - dia tak suka sesuatu tentang lelaki tu
 - sesuatu telah berubah. perangai atau mungkin hati.
 - dia memang jahad. macam saya lah tu kan. saya memang jahad.

credit to http://hafidzahhafidz.blogspot.com/

p/s: the best way to make people hate you is with hurt their feelings.  :)

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