March 2, 2011

Special dayy.

its already two March todayy.
i have a lot of things to tell. :)  bling, bling ! hahaha..
okey, let me tell u..satu persatu yeaa..

  • my lovely classmates make a surprise birthday for me which its a second time for my birthday this year. thanks to all of u. nana, ainy, zack, fara, shida, my twins aqila, mira and some of them is their roomates which i dont recognized..and..
  • its my first time i got flour for my birthday present. sweet-kan? urghhh. aku da siap santek santek na pegi date lastly kena baleng tepong lak. hahaha.. ;D terok tau korang nie.
  • after that without my willing, of course la kan. aku terjatoh gedebuk buk buk ! bagus nyee.. that is my first time i fell in my college. naseb baek gelap org ta nampak. so i got like a huge jugak lah luka di kaki ku. and kaki lagi sebelah lebam. tapi aku control je feeling walaupun saketnye mak aihhh..
  • and today is like a really special day for me!  :)  sukenye ! sukenye ! i still not make any decision to tell people about this or not. nevermind. i will tell u soon. besabar dan bawa bertenang yeaa.. 

anyway THANK YOU so much kat korang! susa susa beli tepung semata mata na baleng kat aku yeaa... hahaaha! i will never forget this day. its too special for me. thanks again and again dekat semua yang wish kat aku. tau, tauu..  :) sayang korang sendat sendat ! sesendat yang bole la !

with love,
    Aqilah Lala.

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