March 24, 2011

Kawan saya . kawan ke?

Two to three weeks ago, I didnt know if I want to post this things in my blog or not but now I make a decision to post about it. yeahh. i know it is not good but still I want to write about it.

I have knew this girl since last sem and even I have this unlike feeling to her but I just ignore and make it like it is not a big deal to me. She told me and also to my friends about her life and it's really a sad story. Everyone seem didnt really like her and I never ask her why. kalau tanya pon mesti lah sebabnya berpihak kepada dia which it makes all her friends looks like a bad person and she is the victim and the angel. a same thing happened to her last sem. all her classmates doesnt like her. so diri ini mulai mengasihani dirinyaa. When i ask her why, she said because they didnt like her, they are soo arrogant, kawan dengan orang kaya jee and bla bla bla. 

I have a few friends that in a same class with her this semester. She really excited to go to every class because of some reasons. but most of it because of this boy. So, everytime she come back from her classes she will told me all the exciting moment that she've been through on that day. i trust all her story without asking my other friends if it is true or not. dah orang cerita macam tu takkn aku tak nak percaya. but then berlaku lah sesuatu. And this thing is really a grateful thing that happened to me. I try not to hurt her feeling with this thing but actually it is really useless. all this time, she telling me and my other friends a fake story. most of it is what we call it, cerita yang ditokok tambah menjadi bebunga bunga. amboihhh.. bukan maen sakan bukan? 

because her true colour have been revealed, I don't really talk with her anymore. i just talk if she talk to me. but then she make like my friends and I the one that dont wanna be friend with her anymore. she didnt talk with us but.. when there are other people with us she will greet us. make it like we are the one that dont want to speak with her. pandai bukan? senang citer dia buad macam dia lah mangsanya and semua orang started to look at us like we are the one yang jahad padahal we didn't do anything pon. we didn't scold her and jauh sekali untuk cursed her. but since she do that to us, so paham paham je lahh. HAHA. memang kitaorang jahad pon en.

so now i am wondering if all the sad story that she told me is really happened or not. i just wondering. dont have to answer it. that's all about her. 


Muhammad Ikram said...

And this thing is really a grateful thing that happened to me.
adakah sama yang mcm saye pikirkan ?

Aqilah Lala said...

i guess.. :)

Anonymous said...

in my mind~~ actully siapalah yg ske wat fake story tu.. lelaki tu kah?? or wanita yg dimaksudkan dalam entry diataskah or anda sendiri??.. fikirkan sejenak kerana ada yg lebih mengenali sikap lelaki itu sbnrnya..dan ada juga yg lebih mengenali siapa wanita itu pada dasarnya.. kpd yg terasa berhentilah dari memberi harapan dan bermuka2.. yeah very2 "grateful thing" erk??..smoga dengan kesenangan yg anda dpt nie boleh ingatkan anda kpd kisah habil dan qabil dan dengan kesushn yg anda dpt suatu hari nanti juga boleh mengingatkan anda tentang perbuatan anda yg lepas2.. sory to say~~ karma itu milik Allah sWt..

Aqilah Lala said...

aku tahu siapa kau anonymous.