February 11, 2011

Yesterday I was like; "Omg omg omg !"
Still I can't believe what happened yesterday. If I was an old Aqilah, I will smile, pretend like it's nothing and I will know how to deal with it. But without my conscious they become part of my life and it become so hard for me now. I asked to my friend about this. Whether I'm lucky or unlucky? She said I'm lucky. I can choose what I want. But my condition now is not for a lucky person actually. Believe me. But people always said, u have to take a lot of things. Bitter or bitteerrr, take it ! if u want it to come out as a good result. okey. I'm lying. It's not people but me that saying that. Haha.. :)  Okey. Anyway, I was really in dilemma. Sometimes I smile when I think of these things and sometimes I will be silent and make a face like I was thinking about something. Duhh.. Obviously I was thinking about this things. Okey-laa. Insyallah I will post about what happened actually next time. But for sure not for now. Wish me good luck. :)

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