January 31, 2011

the first time when i watched M'sia Project Runaway. I have noticed this guy from the first time i watch the reality tv program. Then when he made it to be the finalist, I really hoping that he will be the winner but he didn't. The winner is somebody else. I don't even heard his name after he win the P.R. competition.
After that, I searched for his name in google and found his blog. So, I followed his blog and try to check out everything that he has posted on his blog. His design, life.
All the vintage design. Babe. It is one of my favorite theme. His design is really stunning and i really like it! nope. wrong word. i LOVE it! that's all i can do. to buy his design or maybe rent it make me wondering, i don't have much money and where the hell i want to wear all his incredibly amazing and stunning dress? what i'm trying to push here is, even i didn't wear ur dress, i am ur FAN! congratulations for all ur glory HATTA DOLMAT! keep it up!

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