December 5, 2010

Yesterday me and my mum away to Batu Pahat and the rest of my family to Perlis. Tapii sekarang da ada kat puncak balek da.. The plan is 4 days in Johor. And aku daa pikir, "tengok movie pon best gak neh. maybe HP again or Narnia or maybe both of them." Pastu tetibe dengar mama cakap dgn nenek, "kalau macam tu esok pas subuh teros balek kl laa." teetttt...

Now I have a new brand 'drug'. Play Chocolatier 2-Secret Ingredients. Hahaha.. Tidur pun agak ta lena maen benda tuu sebab memikirkan kilang2 yang da bertapak dekat overseas. BAHANA game. Macam tu lah jadinyee.. Makan tak basah, mandi tak lena, tidur tak kenyang.

I love with my status and my condition now. I have time for myself. ;) including being a cook, house cleaner or in short, 'MAID'. =.='

Talkin bout condition. to M.K.F. if u still followin my blog. I am sorry for not reply ur message , not answering ur callin. I dont want to give u any reason yang tak honest. Yup memang semua tu dilakukan secara sengaja. I know if I reply ur msg and answer ur call mesti la u will askin me kenape dan kenape rite? I dont want to fool u and give any stupid reason. u r really a nice guy but sorry because i cannot continue with the plan-'knowin each other more close'. I just dont really like it. Sorry for not being a good friend. We still friend and I dont bother if u msg me but not at all times okeyy. Its okey for me before this but not nowadays.

Have a friend in cyber world is soo not me. I said, "U dont know me." u will reply, "I can accept u no matter who u r" Hahahaha... LOL. Please dont said that before u know me. U dont even see me in a real life. I am evil, annoying. I prefer to have a friend that know me in a real life. Fb is only friends in Fb and I dont think it will be more than that. Ouh, btw this is not for u tau M.K.F. Its for anyone else.

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