December 10, 2010

The sadness because of 'the knights'.

my fever gettin bad yesterday and harini maken okey laa... okey ke? ntah la.
sedare datang rumah semalam then teros jenguk aku kat bilik. Dia rase suhu badan aku, aku terjage and teros die cakap, "Merahnye mukeeee." tekejot aku. Dgn tangan die yang sejuk tu kat leher aku. Da le ngah tido time tu. First time orang cakap muke aku merah sebab demam.
So, yesterday my cousin came to take my nenek and atuk. I guess they was on their way now to Batu Pahat. Nenek will come again next week for another appointment with her doctor.

My result.... okey laa. Kesat memang ta penah puas hati dgn aku kann. Pasal Kesatria tu laa pointer aku ta bape na best di dengar. ceth. At least i dont have to repeat any paper. especially account. woottt! wooottt!

Next sem gerenti ta best. i dont have my beloved friend, Linda anymore. she failed. and almost half from my last sem classes want to quit their courses. they said they cant take it anymore because of their result. better sekarang kan before terlambat. and atie, she have one paper to repeat. so, most probabaly we wont be able to be in a same classes. Maybe 3 atau 4 kelas je in a week. Bosannnn.... Well. Everything that happened have their own reason. I guess i just have to do my best for my next sem and try not to think too much about makin new friends. sem 2 la kot. maken susaa.

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