December 6, 2010

penad seharian keluar. and now is time for me to update my blog! because something happened todayy..

fuckin tired. i hve to spend this whole day dekat hospital. from 10am to 6pm. after that we hve to go to Giant shah alam because we hve to buy something at pharmacy. so, alang-alang my mum hve mentioned bout this spectacles which make me interested to buy it. after we go to the pharmacy, pegi kedai cermin mate. the seller boy is chinese. he friendly and always hve something to tell and ask. and he good in giving opinions. i dont really know how to choose a good spec. then he ask something from me and walahhh.. a good idea come out from his mouth. after a few minutes nenek call, she want to go pray. so, mama left me alone while waitin for my eyes to relax before we check for my power because im wearin my contact lens before that. the chinese guy asking me, "then u didnt follow ur mum pegi sembahyang ke?" then i was like. "aaa......nope." "ouh, tak yeh?" i just smile to him. HAHAHAHA.... kalau explain panjang lebar lakk. ta pasal-pasal bukak kelas agame kat situ. then we chat and he saw my ring. makin his own conclusion that the ring is from my bf. HUH? lol. haha... i just deny it and continue our chat. and he was like, "senyap-senyap je.. shh.. bukan ur bf tau pun." and i continue with sayin, "alah, bf je pun." huhuee.. what a gud time i hve even its only a stupid joke or anything-lah.

okey, mate da mule ngantuk. better i go to my bed know. chau chin chauuu...

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