December 15, 2010

confession of a kasot-holic.

i just thinkin bout to invite bobo like usual to accompany me to shopping my stuff. he is my 'girlfriend'. i dont have anyone else to invite and i feel comfortable to shop with him. he knows my favorite so it so easy for me when i confuse to buy something. then suddenly he texting me to men-free-kan my day because he ask me for a date. what a pleasure.. :)

so, today while waitin bobo to finish his class, i ask him to drop me at giant shah alam because i have to buy something. sejam je pun kena tunggu. ape ada hal. bo habes class je, teros we make our move to sunway. na pegi tempat laen jaoh sangat. i just have only like 6 hours to lunch, shoppin and movies. memang ta cukop. biasenye kalau da pegi sunway mesti tengok movie punye. so tolak 2 hours, i only have 4 hours. we go on wednesday and wednesday is like a movie day to everyone, kena beratur panjang tolak dalam setengah jam campur na pikir movie pukul bape na tgk lagi. dari sini ke sana, dan kesana kesini kesinun da tolak half hour. makan a big burger and havin conversation at the same time tolak lagi an hour. 2 hours for shopping. duhh... ta cukopp... ikotkan hati memang balek malam. tapi da kena 'bom atom' awal2 pagi tadi so kena la balek awal sikit. haha.. ;D

anyway harini seronok. we watched Narnia. i spend about 350 today. a pair of sandal for my new sem. a bag, a new shirt. hah! i love my new sandal. thanks to bobo gak sebab pilihkan. anyone who knows me very well will know how my reaction when i set my foot in a shoes store. even when i saw it while makin a window shoppin. even when people walk in front of me. GILE in a short word. now i cannot wait for my dinner because i wanna buy a new high heels. in a year i have like 2 dinner. ta temasuk lagi bile my addiction to buy a new shoes gettin worse when i see a pair of shoes that sting my eyes. haha! new word. ngee~

ouh bo, thank you so much for everything. it means a lot for me. because when i get a chance to out from my house and spend my time with people that i rarely meet and love, its like im release something that really heavy. uhu.. arigato'!

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