November 13, 2010

with a smile in our face but then..

Here I am sitting on my desk, online my fb and stalking all my friends blogger. That is what blog for right? to be stalker by people. hahaha... ;P

I just finished my final paper last Thursday. I make up my mind to not joining my friends for the river bath. But Atie buad muke kesian die and try to butter up me and Linda. And lastly her mission is succesful. We rented two viva and out from our room at 1.00 pm. We just finished our paper at 12 and know we go to a river? hahaha.. Tapi something yang agak merosakkan mood terjadi. We walk together with a smile in our face but then..
" 1, 2, 3 orang tu. Mari sini." mak guard panggil daa..
three of us got 'surat cinta' by pak guard yang jaga pagar belakang. then baru perasan, they already put the camera on the back fence so students, better watch out because u will get 'love letter' by them when u walk on the back fence of our college. anyway, we still hve fun. the river is soo gorgeous. and then we take our lunch kat ts, definitely not time square. cannot remember what it is. makan ayam maduu. my favorite. i hope we will still have the same moment like that. love you all!

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