November 17, 2010

I was wondering..

oww God. I was wondering, aku nie kejam ke?
I always do this. When someone trying to know me more close, aku akan start jarang mesej and i don't even pick up their phone calls. I already told them, once they got my number I'll rarely treat them. Bukan sebab ade ramai lagi yang aku nak layan. Hell no! Memang aku macam nie. But surely it will be different if that person is really my friend. Not the one that I know from fb. I dont even want to give them my phone number, but u know right. They will said sombong lah, bajet lah. Can u just please understand me. Kalau aku bagi number tapi aku tak layan korang nanti korang bising. I have my own reasons. I will forget everything when I'm with my family. I love to spend time with myself. Yes, I love when I got new friends but u must know. Hear this my dear friend, be my friend for 2,3 months then baru mintak number okey. Pastu kalau serasi baru mintak kapel mkayh. I'm single now. Almost a year daa.. Hahahaha... Buad iklan sekejap. Okey, back to my objective. Aku tak hot pun lah. So, for what reason aku nak bajet hot. I just realize that maybe I am being cruel after I know this boy. I respect him because he's not like the others yang pernah aku kenal. Even we're just know each other ta sampai sebulan. But before that, we're friend in myspace. Lepas tu ta contact then kenal balik kat fb.

okey la, okey la. da terlalu panjang karangan neyy. so, only that yang aku na tulis. ;) i am still wondering. aku cruel? tak? maybe?


Anonymous said...

Kau cruel . Sama macam aku wahaha
p/s : y're not cruel ! It's seems like a norm i guess :)

ilalicious said...

umm..da agak daa aku cruel.
thanks teah. ;)