November 5, 2010

I just finished watched Deep Impact. And before that movie, I watched Armageddon. The day before that, I watched The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day. Can u see how fuckin deeper my bored feeling rite now?
aaaa! bole giler di sini. sabar qila. sabarrr.... lagi seminggu then u can rest and watch television 24 hours.
At the same time I am in dilemma. Should I follow my friends bermandi manda di sungaiii and having a barbecue or just save my money for a new spectacles or maybe for car licence. This outing can be our last outing because most of them probably will not further their next sem because of some problems. Repeat more than one subject, low in CGPA, cannot follow the subject and many else. And.. I can be one of them.

I cant wait to go home! I miss Didi and Aisya. ='(


Anonymous said...

ape lagi..g potong kuku n shine it up la..kalau dah bosan sangat tu..hehe

bobo said...

sabar2. u can have all the fun later on. just prepare for tommorow exam keyh. buat elok2 syg uii.. then enjoy!hoho. gler best cuti. ;p
p/s:aisya n didi look very cute in this picture. :/