October 29, 2010

i just finished my BEL test and now i have to worry about acc. aa!!! add math dengan chemist is more easier than account tau ta! (da lepas spm bole le ckp en.) my carry mark is not good..or i can say, BAD.

semalam aku kind of satisfied because finally i can brain wash my friend about her boyfriends that really suck. suicide konon. if i was her, i will dump him. hello... bukan sorang je laki kat dunia neyy. and girlsss, one thing that u should know. we can live without guys okey. but if u meet a really nice guy and u like him, please dont let him go. besar lemungkinan, u wont meet someone like him anymore. orr..maybe u will meet someone like him or more better than him but.. he maybe not for you. gentleman, sweet, kind, non-smoker.haha! itu yang penting. ekonomi maken jatoo..remember that. ;P

i will help people that ask for my help. salah ke tu? if it is more than i can help, i will said sorry. and kalau yang lebih2 tu, paham2 je la and i know what i want to do with people like them.

p/s; reallyexcited now! ;DD

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