October 29, 2010

i just finished my BEL test and now i have to worry about acc. aa!!! add math dengan chemist is more easier than account tau ta! (da lepas spm bole le ckp en.) my carry mark is not good..or i can say, BAD.

semalam aku kind of satisfied because finally i can brain wash my friend about her boyfriends that really suck. suicide konon. if i was her, i will dump him. hello... bukan sorang je laki kat dunia neyy. and girlsss, one thing that u should know. we can live without guys okey. but if u meet a really nice guy and u like him, please dont let him go. besar lemungkinan, u wont meet someone like him anymore. orr..maybe u will meet someone like him or more better than him but.. he maybe not for you. gentleman, sweet, kind, non-smoker.haha! itu yang penting. ekonomi maken jatoo..remember that. ;P

i will help people that ask for my help. salah ke tu? if it is more than i can help, i will said sorry. and kalau yang lebih2 tu, paham2 je la and i know what i want to do with people like them.

p/s; reallyexcited now! ;DD

October 26, 2010


October 24, 2010

October 19, 2010

shahir? seriously?

after having some conversation with bunkface, have a chance to meet shahir face to face, i wondering who will i meet after this.
today bobo, my classmate, linda and i hang out in sunway pyramid. we watch 'the other guy' movie and search for my friends birthday present. Birtday Atie. Sian die aku ta wish langsung. Saje na wat surprise. After that we really dunno where we want to satisfied our stomach. then after a few minutes we decided to go to burger king which bobo's idea. i already think bout that place tapi bile ingat balik hargenye.walamakk..selagi tak di sebut sape2 ta mo la kuarkn idea dulu untuk makan kat sane.
then while bobo and i thinking about what we want to eat after we arrived at BK, linda asking me, "shahir ke tu?"
i look at the table that she ask me to see.
YES!that was him!
seriously i dunno why i'm so excited and i dont want to loose him from my sight.
bahkan terlebih excited dari linda. but i hve to cover myself. bobo already jealous when we non-stop talking about shahir. at the same time shahir was eating with daus af8. we decided want to take a photo after they finished their burger.
shahir answered for a call and tinggal daus kat situ so i stop daus from walk away with saying "assalamualaikum, daus kan nie and tu shahir. "
dont u think its funny? HAHA! then i take a photo with daus. daus tanye na tangkap gmbr dgn shahir ke? kalu na kejar laa. then i was like, "na ke?"
then linda and i left bobo for a while because we left our stuff kat meja makan time tu and we walking with daus. he's really a nice guy and he treat us like his friend and i really appriciate that because NOT everyone that become famous will be like him. u know what i mean rite.
anyway, now i have a new 'bf'. it's DAUS.
HAHA! gile perasan minah nie.
ouh. before i forgot to tell, all the af8 students ade kat sunway pyramid gak time tu. dieorg pakat tengok movie sesamer. see, betol en daus baek. kalu org laen, lantak kau la kat situ. wat pe nak bagi tau.

October 16, 2010

heyyy!i'm back to write what i'm doin.
for study week, i was goin back home.saje menggatal.i'm supposed stayed at dorm, study, study and study till my head going crazy.
okey.today i was goin to Alam Sentral and guess what.
BUNKFACE was there!!!
yeah.i already meet them kat MTV aritu.tapi kali nie dekat gilerr!dapat borak and bual lak tu.i ask them to autograph my purse and mtv ticket.so 3 of them was like, are u sure? and unfortunately, ta sempat jumpe shahir sebab sebok maen bowling time tu.malas na beratur panjang2. time bunkface tu dapat giliran yang second.sebab tu best.hihie..

about last week. my faculty having a dinner. so all my friends outing to ipoh and overnite at lumut because they want to shopping for their dinner stuff like dress, highheels. i was really have a good time. i enjoyed it. yeah, byk benda jadik. but its really memory yang ta leh tukar ganti. i wondering if we can make it again. but absolutely without overnite kat mane2. ;P

October 8, 2010

argh..ngantok la kot..
Tomorrow i hve test for my kesatria. Kawad and lari 2km. Damnn..rase mcm nk buad2 pengsan jee.. 'mereka' suke sgt susakn student.grrr...
After 4 hours kesatria class, in 1.30pm insyallah aku dgn class mates jalan2 and shopping their dress for our dinner. Wondering who will be the prom queen or there will never hve a prom queen for our faculty for this sem.
Seriously la ngantok mcm na tdo je. Da la kul 6pm neh.