September 7, 2010

yesterday goin out with cimey, boe and yief was da best.haha..mana ta nye.we come home in 3.30 am.actually we're shopping in uptown.the only best place to shop for now sebab ada ke shopping mall bukak smpai lewat shopping siang..we're fasting, so it is not really enjoy unless we go with our dgn family ta byk jalan.huhue..

I just met my friend last 2 hours.we're so rarely met each other.selalunye, i'll be the one that met her because it is my pleasure although it is kind of awkward for both of us to met at the first time after some of thing.dulu2 we will tell about what we're doin every single day and i never felt bored.but now, we still do the same thing just the diff is we tell about our life.not bout everything we'hve done every day.single or double.about people around us.

I was so regret bout what i hve done last 2,3 years but i always tell my self maybe its more better.

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