September 10, 2010

My first day eid is not really fun and i am not enjoyed it because i hve to be photographer!hehe..just kiddin. Maybe it is not as good as past year eid but it still okey. For this year eid, we hve 'new comer' in our family. This baby is my cousin son and the baby named is Muhd Adam Shamin with 2.3 kg of weight.
Remember Sumayyah? Last time i saw her, she still a baby but now she already hve tooth. But only two-la. Shes really cute! Still learning how to walk by herself without anyone help her.

Enough with my relatives. Someone still not contact me and im waiting her.

Oh yeah, a nite before eid mama and me goin to parit raja for shopping then with my own eyes i saw a group of men play with bunga api and mercun, and one of their mercun meluru straigt away to this man.if he step 2 step to back, mybe he will not get celebrate raya at his own house or kampung.scary ouh.

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