September 25, 2010

i'm back to the situation where i feel down, ta de semangad utk ape-ape walau mkn skali pun, thinking bout to stop with my course and try with another course. I started to cry again. Like before, i didnt share it with anyone. I tried to told 'them' but they didnt understand what was in my heart because it is hard for me to explain.

September 21, 2010


read people blog without leave any cmmnts, open others facebook and read every sentence on their wall.
people call it as stalk.i like to they called me stalker.
I didnt call it stalk. Actually it is more to care. Caring. The sound is far away more gud than stalking.rite?
Okey.actually one of my friend, i dunno even she deleted her blog or she hide it. So i dnt hve any chance to find out about her life. Anymore. Is she gud or not, is there any miserable, is she in trouble, any happiest thing she through so i can smile for her.
No more stalking xtvt aite.

September 17, 2010

lusa da blik.a!!!na duk umah!
Aku rindu gle na keje.ada beli pa pe ta yah risau duit dlm bank abes.seriously benci gle.
Org slalu ckp.duit bole bole ta kalu aku na keje.hehe..
Tpi 1 bnd la untung kalu ta keje.time raye dpt duit raye.kalu keje, time raye kena kasi duit raye.hahahaha..

September 13, 2010


When she still a baby..

She soo cute rite?! I already miss her..
raya aku taun nie memang ta meng-happy-kan langsung.first nite raya je something had happened.
what the hell is 'they' thinking about hah?
please-la jangan terlalu kuno la pemikiran. otak jangan sempit. u want to be happy, do it by urself. jangan na libatkan orang laen. 'u' supposed to be happy and not suffering people life.
not just only 'u'. but u and u.
please stay away from us if u really feels like we make something annoying like laugh together, very close, sharing the happiness together, cry together or anything else that make u sick.
people are not perfect. and u have to realize that by urself.
if u hve a scroll of dip or degree but u dont hve the humiliation, u r such a bush.
if u hve money but u think its not enough, u r such a pak pandir.
if u laugh or smile for someone else sadness, well u should think it by urself.
u r not stupid arent u?

dont u think that it is so weird? we still accept someone like u.
or u think that we r too stupid to realize ur bush and pak pandir mind.

we are strong.soo strong, more than u think.

ingat ni.
kita datang bukan dari langit. kite dilahirkan dgn kaseh. bukan dicampak atau dibuang.
kita diberi makan, makanan dibeli dgn duit mak bapak. bukan makan makanan sisa oleh mak bapak.
kita diajar berakhlak bukan jadik hantu.
so, datang dan pernah menumpang kaseh, bergelak bersama, belajar bermacam perkara, jangan la lupa diri.

September 11, 2010

September 10, 2010

My first day eid is not really fun and i am not enjoyed it because i hve to be photographer!hehe..just kiddin. Maybe it is not as good as past year eid but it still okey. For this year eid, we hve 'new comer' in our family. This baby is my cousin son and the baby named is Muhd Adam Shamin with 2.3 kg of weight.
Remember Sumayyah? Last time i saw her, she still a baby but now she already hve tooth. But only two-la. Shes really cute! Still learning how to walk by herself without anyone help her.

Enough with my relatives. Someone still not contact me and im waiting her.

Oh yeah, a nite before eid mama and me goin to parit raja for shopping then with my own eyes i saw a group of men play with bunga api and mercun, and one of their mercun meluru straigt away to this man.if he step 2 step to back, mybe he will not get celebrate raya at his own house or kampung.scary ouh.

September 8, 2010

this is my second post i using my phone. I was so lazy to open my lappy now. I just reading some blog and this one blog hve mentioned about how much she is wanna kill this people. Then i was hve a same feeling-la babe.

Now, i was on my way to kampung by bus. Batu pahat!here i come!! Pagi raya must be a very happy time for my family and relatives.but at the same time, we will be sad when remember that we cant see pak long with his favourite colour baju raya or hear his laugh. His kindness.. No one can replace him. My the only pak long.

September 7, 2010

yesterday goin out with cimey, boe and yief was da best.haha..mana ta nye.we come home in 3.30 am.actually we're shopping in uptown.the only best place to shop for now sebab ada ke shopping mall bukak smpai lewat shopping siang..we're fasting, so it is not really enjoy unless we go with our dgn family ta byk jalan.huhue..

I just met my friend last 2 hours.we're so rarely met each other.selalunye, i'll be the one that met her because it is my pleasure although it is kind of awkward for both of us to met at the first time after some of thing.dulu2 we will tell about what we're doin every single day and i never felt bored.but now, we still do the same thing just the diff is we tell about our life.not bout everything we'hve done every day.single or double.about people around us.

I was so regret bout what i hve done last 2,3 years but i always tell my self maybe its more better.

September 5, 2010

after my programming test which im one of the student that finished before the time, i grab my things and walk another two friends, atie and linda was really shocked."hah, da siap da?"haha..i hve too la dear sebab ta sabar na balek umah!but it doesnt aku maen taram o0key. rindu la aku dengan korang2 nanti. 2 weeks babe.hehe..sampai dorm teros salen baju and wait for the uitm bus yg always penoh dgn org every friday because ramai yg na balek.i hve to take a bas yg 12.15 sebab takot after that ta de solat jumaat en..rezeki agaknye, aku dapat naek bas blik kl 2 hours earlier tapi disebabkn jam yang kemaruk gile, 2 hours late gak aku sampai kl sentral.

today, today, today!
speak about today, i really dont know why everything tryin to make me feel mad. but for sure it began with this boy named M. boe, u know who is it rite? seriously i was really mad at him. our memory is not one of the best memory i hve okey. yeah, maybe u r the gentle i ever met but u r also a man that not appriciate what u hve. im not that stupid. but the most weird thing is why u must disturb me? u already traveled almost all the place and many girls u already met but why u choose me for u to call and call and call?
annoying la dey! tarak paham ka bahasa pelempuan?! wa ta la angkat lu punya calling, lu stop la calling2 sama wa...

the second thing that spoiled my mood is...i dnt want to mentioned her name. i called her because she hve some problem with her thing but then she said, "ta pe la.ta pe la." i know that tone of voice. a tone that want to throw her voice with loudly but then she realize that she is talking with me at that time. what the heck! da ta reti tu da la. u can wait rite?! its not that urgent sampai na menggelabah gile. dnt try to blame us padahal sendiri cuai.