August 15, 2010

secebis-cebis kisah ku.

-start puase je aku tros dapat demam.
ape lembik sangat aku nie..
-balek rumah lak jari aku nie takkan terlepas dari dapat luka.
memang always will be like that.
-start from next week i'll be busy with all the test and quizzes.
-my favourite hobby now is tido.
-i miss to outing with all my friends.
-i miss pelok die kuat2!
-i love to play with my lappy.
sebab ade sudoku, puzzle, sidetris dgn webcam!
-i learn new law in math. Pin's Law.
-my lecturer new style, cakap dgn dinding more good than speak with her student.
(believe me.she's really do it.i mean speak with dinding lab comp.)
tersebar 1 fakulti berita tu.
-i still didnt see my lappy skin and my shirt with tokio hotel autograph.damn!
mesti aku gile melompat kot.

and the most important thing..

-tak sabar nak balik RAYA!!!
jumpe nenek!

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