August 15, 2010

secebis-cebis kisah ku.

-start puase je aku tros dapat demam.
ape lembik sangat aku nie..
-balek rumah lak jari aku nie takkan terlepas dari dapat luka.
memang always will be like that.
-start from next week i'll be busy with all the test and quizzes.
-my favourite hobby now is tido.
-i miss to outing with all my friends.
-i miss pelok die kuat2!
-i love to play with my lappy.
sebab ade sudoku, puzzle, sidetris dgn webcam!
-i learn new law in math. Pin's Law.
-my lecturer new style, cakap dgn dinding more good than speak with her student.
(believe me.she's really do it.i mean speak with dinding lab comp.)
tersebar 1 fakulti berita tu.
-i still didnt see my lappy skin and my shirt with tokio hotel autograph.damn!
mesti aku gile melompat kot.

and the most important thing..

-tak sabar nak balik RAYA!!!
jumpe nenek!

August 9, 2010

im not attend my college xtvt just now because of some reason.
even thought the xtvt is important but there is no regret feeling.
its more important for me to do the reason than attend the xtvt.

past few weeks i've got many problemsss.
but i can take care of it.
still im standing here now.

there is no more relax word in my dictionary.
every time i free, there must be something that i hve to do.
if not in my desk, i'll be with my pillow. XP

puasa maken, i really donno macam mane condition aku nanti.

August 4, 2010

I was doin my ctu while i open my fb.
i read this 2,3 post of some of my friends and i was like.
yeah, okey.i know i'm here and they were there.

past few days i got this story from somebody. i was shocked.
seriosly i felt like damn it!damn it!damn it!
i'm doin it because i care bout her but that person told her.
i already said "please dont tell her okey."
bukan aku tak cakap la...
i'm so angry but not showing it because i dont want to spoiled everyone mood at that time.