March 8, 2010

this anonymous girl

tekan punye tekan then i open this anonymous girl blog.i noe her.a veryy cute girl from my school.i noe her brother and her younger brother.i like to read people's blog so i read all her post.pendek kata i am a stalker.haha!most of her post is about her feeling to her boyfriend and one of her post telling that she is smoker and she scared to tell to anyone that she vomited and guessing maybe it was the side effect from her smoking habit back in the day.a poor girl...i hve talked with her but just twice so we didnt know too much.but im still hoping that her besties or her bf will read her blog.

btw,i saw ellina edayu photos.andd teka2.aku na pegy genting highland!!!

1 comment:

boan said...

hmm.i think i might know this anonymous girl. ahaha. XP
hope thinks get better for her.

oh, and im so going too!!
dun forget me okeh . XP