February 20, 2010

BBQ nite. 19 Feb 2010

yesterday,even the bbq is not really awesome because of the dark of night.
but im still enjoy it.
i off from my work to do all the marinate things,salad and bla,bla..
hahaha..my mum gonna kill me if she knows this.
the game.
blurgh..not all of them interested with it.
but we still play with the 'kotak keramat'.
it just a game but my hand was shaking when my turn to took the fucker pieces of paper from the box.
and yet still shaking even my turn already finished.

many things r happened yesterday.
meet with someone that i hate so much.
ergh..still can hear her voice.
someone searched for the spoon then she said.
'sape yang bandar sangat tu carik sudu.'
seing her face already mke me wanna kill her.
and when she started to do her 'kerek' behaviour.
she so lucky because her bf was there too.
'bie,duk situ dulu tau'
manje la tu.
yes!i hve many problems with that bloody minah.
and forever i will hate her.

but not everything is bad.
i meet my buddies,my ex-classmates,my 'aweks'.
gonna miss them.
hairul gile lega when he knows that he dont hve to put the make up-things on his fce.
kelakar je...

p/s; teah!!thanks gile sbb singging together that nite.shaking!shaking! XP


oh MY said...

Haha aku tau ko gigil doe
So aku nak calm kn ko sket
Bya tak takot sgt ;)
Thats what friends for ryte?
Eh minah yg ko tak suke sgt tu ade mase bbq tu ke?

ilalicious said...

memang pon.
muke minta penyepak je die tuh.
btw,thanks again weh..

oh MY said...

Sape eh? err
Budak tu klas aku , ko atau klas lain?

ilalicious said...

secret ouh.
mane leh gitau.
sorry teah.. XP

HANArts said...

laaa, qila sengal.
dh tulis kt blog, tanak gtaw lak. aku rs yg ade balak tym tu
korg dua je.
sp lg?

ilalicious said...

aku irritating dgn diri aku kot..
ade kapel laen lagi la..
hw bout tut dgn tut.
and then tut bersama tut.