March 27, 2009

Yasmin Razali.

Well,i just wanna talk about my the most cutest and close friends,Yasmin Razali today.yes,she's the one who sits next to me.yasmin or min is my sayangs!she's shooo cute and kind.but sometimes,otak die agak 'krek'.heheh..we be a friends since we're in form 2 kalu tak silap and kitaorg be a very close friends since we're in form 4.many peoples didn't know the really yasmin because everyone's around min just take her easy.yeah,maybe she's always lost in manythings but insan!she's a human like us.hve a feelings and not too stupid utk bezakan baek,burok layanan orang pada dia.she's a little sensitive.die sayang same kucen die and she's good in math and addmath.tak penah failed!min ni,ramai org kenal samer die.everytime i walk with min,'hye' memnjng kt org laen and senyumn tak pernah lekang dek bibir.wa!so jealous!min and i are couple of friends that so crazy in our ones can understand us.yesterday min participate in SMKPA Idol.tak dpat tgk sebab at first it was a so,so bored 'Idol' i ever,im just take my bag and go home early.

but this lately,i don't know why.min and i not too crazy like this before.maybe becuse of my problems that always 'menimpa-nimpa'!and because im feel worried of my SPM!min,im sorry if i've done something that can makes u hurt...

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